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Flock or Folly explores the ethics of de-extinction Science & its effect on conservation of endangered species. In New Zealand we are passionate about our stunning native bird life, but we barely see them in the wild.

Is de-extinction science going to create an easy short-cut to all this care and expense? Will we value what we have as much if we can just as easily bring it back. Will bringing back the birds now extinct such as the Huia and the Moa upset the eco-systems of today? What if the science fails ?

This series looks to raise these questions and the concept of de-extinction science as a talking point to the public as well as highlighting how rare and fragile the native birds we have are and that a focus on replanting the forests to allow for more safe habitat for these creatures is a valuable plan for not only our native birds and wildlife but the survival of all of our native species as well.

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