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Flock or Folly - Exhibition October 8th - 21st 2021

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The Art Lounge NZ 117 Willow Street, Downtown Tauranga, Fine Art Gallery and Events Venue proudly present "Flock of Folly" and exhibition and Fine Art Sale.

The ‘Flock or Folly’ series investigates the ethics of de-extinction regarding our native birds, exploring such issues as:

Can we bring back the Huia or the Moa?

Should we cross two species to bring one back?

Will we see this happening in our lifetime?

Is this a good use of our resources?

What lessons can be learnt from their extinction?

On a deeper level, the works use our native birds to remind us of our own mortality on this planet: they are the canary in the mine.

The works have been created in gouache, acrylic on canvas, and acrylic on a variety of wood rounds. Zoe worked in conjunction with Te Papa to source the resources for the native bird skulls. The works serve as a reminder of the fragility of life and our influence over the eco-system.

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