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Zoe Sizemore: Chorus Cabinet Art Project 2022

I put my application for the Creative Bay of Plenty 'Window to Another World' callout for artists interested in submitting a piece to the outdoor murals around the city. My submission was successful but I was overwhelmed to discover I was given the largest cabinet that meant I had to double my original design concept. Fortunately I had gone for a graphic style that was punchy and vibrant with lots of colour blocks so that I could complete it within the two week window required.

"I love the idea of everything surreal and the unexpected so I choose to design a cabinet capturing the imagination. Not what⁠ you would expect to see out a window - but a window to a wonderful world below the sea. The design style is referencing a⁠ stained glass window, one of the most beautiful way to artistically create a window. In the this work..."

It was definietly outside my comfort zone being out on the street painting in the public eye but it was a great experience and I met so many lovely people and was able to share my love of art with an environmental message as well as brightening up a dark spot in the town I have come to call my home. Thanks Creative Bay of Plenty and Chorus for the opportunity.



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